About Mappilapattu (Mappilappattu)

Mappila Pattu or Mappila Song may be a traditional knowledge Muslim song genre rendered to lyrics in conversational Mappila accent of South Dravidian laced with Arabic, by the Mappilas of Malabar. Mappila songs have a definite cultural identity, whereas at an equivalent time, stay closely connected to the cultural practices of Kerala. The songs typically used words from Persia, Urdu, Tamil, Hindi with the exception of Arabic and South Dravidianhowever the grammatical syntax was forever supported South Dravidian.They traumatize themes like faith, love, wit and valorousness, and ar typically sung at occasions of birth, wedding and death. Mappila Paattu type associate integral a part of the heritage of South Dravidian literature these days and is regarded by some because the preferred branch of South Dravidian literature, enjoyed by all communities in Kerala